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Mimi's Mountain Mixes offers 14 easy to make & bake mixes. Feature them in your specialty food aisle or close to the beer & carbonated beverage aisle. Your valued customers will come back often (and Mimi's makes a great gift item too)!  Mimi says, "Home Cookin' Made Simple. Just Add Y'er Favorite Brew & Bake!"


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"Cause Mimi loves Y'all!"


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other specialty event? Be sure to let Mimi know.  We'll share it on our social media for you, announce it so everybody knows and help get folks excited! And if Mimi can get it scheduled early, she may be able to visit too!



"I took your Italian Bread mix to the beach last week and my guests were wowed. I just went to Ingles Market and purchased 3 mixes to send them."

~ Marsha M., South Carolina


"My daughter has many food allergies that keep her from eating breads and cakes. We have tried several Mimi’s Mountain Mixes and we have loved every one! Can’t wait to try more of these and I am super excited that my two year old can experience these foods. Thank you for what you do!"

~ Zandrea K., North Carolina


"Mimi's Mountain Mixes don't need my advertising, but take a look! Molten Fudge Beer Cake! I love Mimi's products and can't wait until we can get them locally! Until then, I keep going to the website, unless I run into them at a festival (Black Mountain, NC)! Zoom in on the topmost print on the bag."

~Janis W., Alabama


 "Fun and yummy mixes! Grandkids love making these too!"

~Susan S., Colorado



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