Who's Mimi?

MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES was conceived by Lin Johnson in 2008.  Impacted like many others during the recent Great Recession, Lin was moved by a spirit that told her these life changing circumstances could be a blessing to her and many others and she decided to re-invent herself.

Borrowing her church kitchen, Lin worked countless hours employing a love of cooking instilled by her Grandmother and experimenting with recipes, then attending local farmer’s markets and flea markets to sell her treats. Her baked goods became an instant hit with many repeat customers seeking her out week after week.

MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES became a lifeline for Lin and catapulted her forward with a promise to help others whose lives and dreams are disadvantaged or threatened.

Today, a portion of every sale is donated to women’s shelters. In fact, MIMI'S MOUNTAIN MIXES  provides internships for these same amazing women who desire to learn a new trade.

In 2016, Mimi was awarded with (__)

The ongoing mission of our work is to give back. Your purchase of MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES is a blessing to many - giving hope that lifts spirits, provides income, and renews faith obscured by clouds of despair.




Lin Johnson-Carlson is the President of MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES, LLC and lives near Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, Gene. She is currently authoring a book titled "Outrageous Optimism (Surviving and Thriving in a Wacky World!)".  Lin and Gene’s new, blended family boasts 10 grandchildren - the first three of which started calling her “Mimi” over 8 years ago. The name stuck - and the rest, as they say - is history!

Lin strives to live her life as an inspiration to others to show what is possible with faith and Outrageous Optimism. MIMI’S MOUNTAIN MIXES is a Christian-based company whose outreach extends to all people of God - and that includes you!



Mimi's Mountain Mixes, LLC is approved by the NC Department of Agriculture and is certified as a "GOT TO BE NC" product.

Our products are VEGAN and NON-GMO, contain no aluminum, bleached flours, soy, trans fat, artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.   Mimi just says, "NO"!