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We had the Molten Fudge Cake last night and OMG, it is amazing! We added a can of cherry pepsi and it was like a chocolate covered cherry cake!! Amazing!! The only bad part is, it said 12 servings, and the 4 of us could not allow that!! Thank you for making such tasty, easy, and fun mixes!!

Erin Greene

Everything I've ever made is absolutely divine! I always keep an assortment of them on hand for whenever I cook dinner or need something to take to a party! With gluten free options, Mimi's really has something for everyone! (Also, they're so nice if you get to meet them at the Mountain State Fair!)

Brett Hargis

Made the cinnamon spice beer coffee cake with my husband and was surprised by how soft, fluffy and amazing this instant mix tasted! Would totally buy it again!

Anida Kleege

So easy to make and super yummy! Made the pretzels with a stout for a darker color.

Sarah Johnson

I purchased the Red Pepper Chili Beer Bread for my son at a Grape Stomp in North Carolina. We live in New York City. The bread turned out excellent. Easy to follow directions. We are looking forward to ordering and making the Chocolate Beer Cookies

Joan Kline

I just made the Italian Herb Beer Bread with a lager ... in a cast iron skillet, delicious !!!

Donna Gamble

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Mimi's Kitchen

🎄Mimi's Holiday Hack! ✨Easy Peasy Centerpiecey🎍

🎄Mimi's Holiday Hack! ✨Easy Peasy Centerpiecey🎍

You don't have to go out and spend a bunch of money, or even leave the house, to put together a fun and whimsical table centerpiece with material you probably already have laying around!
KIDDO’S KORNER - Mimi’s Cinnamon Spice BANANA BREAD Loaf

KIDDO’S KORNER - Mimi’s Cinnamon Spice BANANA BREAD Loaf

👵🏻🍞 Welcome BACK to MIMI’S KITCHEN! In this Minute with Mimi we’ve got a KIDDO’S KORNER and together we’re gonna whip up a special Mimi’s Cinnamon Spice Coffee Cake BANAN BREAD Loaf with my little helpers! Just Pour, Stir, Bake, and Enjoy making those memories with your loved ones this season!
Minute with Mimi Fanastically Filled & Frosted Mimi's Bread

Minute with Mimi Fanastically Filled & Frosted Mimi's Bread

👩🏼‍🍳Next Up: Fantastically Filled & Frosted Mimi’s Bread🍞 Just when you thought Mimi’s easy peasy one-step bread couldn’t get any more fun or yummy, we are going to step it up with some filling and frosting! Only takes about 2 extra minutes and WOWEEE KAZOWEEE your family will love you!