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The Laurel of Asheville

Beer bread mixes in the making by amazing women referred by Safelight Women's Shelter, NC

An essential ingredient for bread is flour. Mimi’s Mountain Mixes adds a few nice extras, and the combination is helping the company and the community. 


Lin Johnson-Carlson dedicated herself to their cause while growing into the role of entrepreneur. Being a banking professional, the recession changed her life, but her trials paled in comparison to others in need.

“One of my part-time jobs was being a house mom at a children’s shelter in Florida,” she says. “The day I arrived was the day a family of four kids got dropped off.”...... read more here: 

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On Honeysuckle Hill

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Written by Blogger, Donna Blalock (On Honeysuckle Hill)  

My friend Pam and I have enjoyed trying these mixes with our family. Both of our families are in love with these mixes. We haven’t tried one yet we haven’t liked.

Mimi’s Mountain Mixes is a brand I trust, and one my family has come to love. There’s an amazing bit of magic in every package we have tried. For this review we tried the Red Pepper Chili Beer Bread and the Old Tavern Beer Bread.... read more here:

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BlueRidge Now

A new fast-growing business is gaining a foothold in the local products market, and all that’s required is to “just add beer.”  

Mimi’s Mountain Mixes is combining socially conscious consumerism with novel varieties of bread mixes that only need a 12oz beer added before baking.

Lin Johnson-Carlson, owner of Mimi’s Mountain Mixes, is also donating a portion of its sales to Mainstay as well as opening her operation to clients at the shelter for paid on-the-job training.

“We do internship job training for manufacturing,” said Carlson. “There’s a lot of math involved in baking, so we try to build math skills.”

 “We’re all about keeping it simple,” she said. “There are no preservatives or added coloring.” 

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If the Grand Opening of Lowes Foods in Greer is any indication of its success in the future, the brand new grocery store is going to be quite a hit. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to suggest that half of Greer’s entire population came out to get the first look at the store, sample many of their delightful offerings, and enjoy one of the various beers on tap. 

Local Food Focused

Lowes Foods is adamant about including as many local products as possible. During the grand opening, there were samples everywhere of cheese, fruit, locally-made salsas, Mimi’s Mountain Mixes of molten chocolate cake and beer soft pretzels, granola, and ham and cheese wheels.

“Like all of our stores, the Greer store is very focused on supporting all things local while providing exceptional attention to our guests,” said Tim Lowe, president of Lowes Foods. “Our commitment includes offering produce sourced through our partnership with more than 200 local farmers and featuring a wide assortment of unique local products found throughout the store.”

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Beer Soft Pretzel Baking Mix, Beer Mustard, Gift Basket,

Local Bounty:  Foodie gifts with Asheville Appeal 


What about a loaf of hot Italian herb breads? Or a flavorsome cookie fashioned with local alcohol, difficult cider or a nonalcoholic gleaming drink?

Lin “Mimi” Johnson really loves cooking and believes everybody else needs easy access to home made snacks, although they’re maybe not bakers of course.

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Capital at Play Magazine: Free Spirit of Enterprise  Pictures of hot baked bread,

Walking into the headquarters of Mimi’s Mountain Mixes, home of simple bread mixes to which you add one mere beer, is like stepping into your own grandmother’s kitchen, but on a grand-er scale.

Flour and spices sift through the air to settle on hairnets and in the smile lines around eyes. Scents also swirl in the air, especially when it’s time to prepare the mix for the company’s seasonal specialty, Punkin’ Fest Beer Bread.

“When they’re doing that, then we’ve got the cloves and the allspice and the ginger, and I just want to bathe in it,” Mimi says, then adds, with a twinkling eye and a laugh, “which wouldn’t be code, but…”

Lin Johnson-Carlson, known affectionately as “Mimi” to her three sons and ten grandchildren, and now the world, is full of this kind of contagious laughter and dad-sic-grandmother jokes. But like all good grandmas, it’s not all laughs; Mimi is also prone to pithy, idiomatic wisdoms, nuggets of insight served cool between those effervescent bursts of optimism. When she tells the troubled story of her last office job, she concludes with a sage observation: “You have to do your best, and if you do your best, the rest will come into place.” She pauses, looks you in the eye, a wide smile breaking across her face as she moves on to the next idealistic tangent. It’s the same threads of optimism and wisdom that weave through conversations with your shrewd grandmother, hands wrapped around warm cups of strong coffee, with fresh-baked bread on the table.

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